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The know-how accumulated over the years, along with the demands which result in working with leaders in their sector, make Calderería Irurena a company with vast experience in the manufacturing all steel-welded elements.

  • Workforce
    • Man at work
    • The workforce at Calderería Irurena is trained in the different technical and business disciplines, it is the main asset in a company with a single work philosophy:the responsibility to achieve a product which is competitive and of total quality, which covers its clients' most exacting demands.
    • The workforce's high qualifications and know-how make Calderería Irurena a leading company in the qualityprice relationship.
  • Production Resources
    • Maquinaria
    • At our installations in Beasain we have a floor space of 2200m2 and the most advanced manufacturing technologies to manufacture any steel-welded element.
    • We have several pieces of equipment used in the shaping process such as press brakes and bending rolls with a capacity of up to 100 mm of thickness, equipment to process MIG WELDING, SUBMERGED ARC WELDING and ELECTRODE ARC WELDING between 400 and 1000A, and several cranes with a capacity of up to 30 Tn
  • Customer Satisfaction
    • Workers reading a report
    • Given the growing demands of clients we have a production management system which is completely computerized which guarantees complete tracking of the order during the entire process; thanks to this system, the time and processes are optimized, which translates into a high level of satisfaction for our clients from the service we offer them.
  • Maximum Guarantee
    • Piece detail
    • Beginning with theoretical designs, we are able to construct the structural elements while offering maximum guarantees on the finish and quality of all our projects.
    • Furthermore, when the projects requires it, we offer Comprehensive Management of it, from the thermal and surface treatment, to the fi nal machining, through all types of non-destructive tests like x-rays, ultrasound, penetrating liquids, magnetic particles, etc. All conducted by recognized bodies like S.C.I., Lortek, etc.
  • Certified Quality
    • Man working with glasses
    • We have a Quality Management System which is certified under ISO 9001:2008 standards and we are especially conscious of the importance of the weld within the entire steel-welded assembly, we have welds and welding processes which are approved by both the ASME IX (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), and the UNE-EN-287 (European Norm). We collaborate with leading technological research centres in welding, techniques, like Lortek, S.C.I., Inasmet, etc.
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